First of all, it’s important to understand that simply feeding your dog vitamins is not an adequate replacement for a healthy diet – you need to give them a healthy diet to start with, and then if necessary use specialized vitamins for dogs to fill any gaps.

Now, most commercial dog food brands are supposedly designed to supply such a balanced diet. But sometimes the information printed on the can be somewhat misleading. For this reason, and many more, quite a large percentage of dog owners prefer to feed their dogs a homemade diet with raw ingredients. In this case, you almost certainly need to give your dog extra vitamins.

Why? Despite all your best efforts, it’s quite unlikely for you to be able to fit all those essential vitamins into one meal. Extra dog vitamins will help take care of the gaps and give you peace of mind that your dog is getting all they need.

Vitamins for dogs can also become quite essential in a few other situations. Older dogs don’t absorb vitamins as effectively, so may need more in the form of a supplement to maintain good health. Dogs who are on a diet may also need extra vitamins, as they are not getting the required amount from their daily meals. Likewise, sick dogs will also need a higher dose of vitamins.

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