Poop eating is easily one of the most disgusting habits seen by dog owners – but why does it happen?

One of the strangest and can’t-quite-get-why-it-happens types of behaviors experienced by dog owners is the act of dogs eating poop. I mean – it is completely disgusting and there’s no reason why they should do it, right? Well, if we look back to our own childhoods there was a time when we too put anything that took our fancy into our mouths – also much to the disgust and occasional horror of our parents.

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The main difference being, of course, that the majority of people do grow out of this at some stage or another – though the fascination with poop for dogs can sometimes never grow old and they might continue to eat it then do their best to plant you one on the lips (yuck!) well into their adult years.

If you want to get technical about it, the term for this behavior is referred to as “coprophagia” – but to the rest of us, that translates simply into “dog with a poop eating problem”. Is it really that big a deal? Absolutely, for the obvious disgust factor alone – but also because it’s not the most hygienic thing to do and you never really know how having such a snack might affect your dog.

So why do dogs eat poop? There are actually quite a few reasons, and it is not always simply because like young children puppies have an urge to taste everything no matter how disgusting it may seem to us.

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