Yorkie clothes serve more of a purpose than just looking cute. Little breeds are often more susceptible to cold and rainy conditions. By finding clothes that are not restrictive, yet snugly warm you will be helping your little buddy to be comfortable and healthy.

Just be sure to take into consideration heat and humid conditions. While we may love to dress our little canines like people, they can overheat a lot more easily when clothed. When it’s hot or muggy, it’s often best to lay off the clothes and let their natural beautiful coat be their best accessory.

Yorkie Clothes For Him

Pallas Street Bike HoodieYour Yorkie will look too-cool-for-school in the Pallas Street Bike Hoodie by Dog Dog Collection. It is made of soft material with a mesh lining for extra comfort. The red and black hoodie has a very detailed, motorcycle design on the back, and will keep your little guy toasty warm all season long!

Camo Hooded Dog SweatshirtThe Camo Hooded Dog Sweatshirt by CC will make your little Yorkie feel 10 feet tall. Its bold, green traditional camouflage print looks sharp and will hide stains nicely. It features ribbed sleeves, matching waistband and pocket! This looks like the perfect sweatshirt for that cool autumn evening.

Cotton Polo Dog ShirtPeople won’t be able to keep their hands off your pooch while he’s wearing the adorable Cotton Polo Dog Shirt in Nautical Blue from Zack & Zoey. It’s just like the polo you or I would wear, but for your dog! A buttoned collar and ribbed knit cuffs complete the look. If you really love it, it also comes in green and red!

Yorkie Clothes For Her

Winter Wonderland Dog CoatThis beautiful Winter Wonderland Dog Coat by Zack & Zoey will keep your baby snuggly warm all winter long. Hot pink with a brown snowflake design, it makes a statement and looks fabulous. I love that the fur trimmed hood is detachable and the inner lining is made of cozy fleece.

Caelan Vintage Flannel Hoodie JumperMonkey Daze offers an adorable Caelan Vintage Flannel Hoodie Jumper. The pastel pink and gray design is sophisticated and fun. A plaid design decorates the lower “pants” part of the jumper and is topped off with a small, yellow smiley face on the back of the tushy. Please see manufacturing guidelines for measuring as this is an all over fit and will need to be accurate. But it’s so cute, it’s worth it!

Schoolgirl Sweater and Skirt Dog ApparelWhat will these Yorkie clothes makers think of next? I know! How about the Schoolgirl Sweater and Skirt Dog Apparel by Anima! This pink little number is a t-shirt and schoolgirl skirt all-in-one. The skirt portion is more like a little pleated flap of plaid fabric that won’t bother the dog while walking or playing. The cuffs and waistband are red ribbed and pull together the whole look brilliantly.

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